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Investigation Team - Demon Days by animelover1030 Investigation Team - Demon Days :iconanimelover1030:animelover1030 1 0 Oops I OTP'd by animelover1030 Oops I OTP'd :iconanimelover1030:animelover1030 6 3 WIPS by animelover1030 WIPS :iconanimelover1030:animelover1030 1 0 MiRaClEs by animelover1030 MiRaClEs :iconanimelover1030:animelover1030 3 3
Date Strider- THE RAP
Listen up! Dave Strider!
Your attention is mine!
You better keep me in your sights
Cause I ain't gonna rewind!
I know that you're a cool guy,
The ladies loving on you
You don't have the time of day
So this is what we can do.
I've never written a rap,
In this we can't relate
But you should know, my awesome bro
I want to go on a date!
It's you I have to impress,
And I am trying my best.
I'm really hoping that this makes me
Better than the rest!
Ironic movies, chillin at home
We'll be doing it all!
But I'll admit, I won't submit
To every beckon and call.
Once all is said and done,
And the whole night is through,
There may be some sensual actions,
Maybe a kiss or two.
Well we can do what you like,
All of it's in your hands.
But once we're done with all our fun
Then I can get in your pants!
…Wait…why did I even say that…
Hands and pants don't even rhyme very well…oh my, this is embarrassing…
Well I hope to see you on a date…maybe…
:iconanimelover1030:animelover1030 0 8
Date Strider-Part 2 by animelover1030 Date Strider-Part 2 :iconanimelover1030:animelover1030 1 0 Date Strider- Part 1 by animelover1030 Date Strider- Part 1 :iconanimelover1030:animelover1030 1 0
Spin the Bottle Meme
Spin the Bottle Meme
1. Please don't look ahead. It will be funnier for all of us if you don't actually READ the questions.
2. Please put a link in the comments section and link back to me or this page.
3. There is no rule #3, I just like the number.
1. Me (Emily)
2. Spirit Albarn
3. Jade Harley
4. Alfred Jones (America)
5. Bianca (Pokemon B&W)
6. Dave Strider
7. Aura Madson (OC)
8. Trunks Brief (DBZ)
9. Cristina Thorton (OC)
10. Fai D. Flowright (Tsubasa)
1. Jade volunteers to go first. Why?
It might be kind of fun, really! *smile*
2. The bottle spins to Alfred. What is Jade's reaction?
Well, you're kind of cute...*wishing it was Dave*
America: But I'm a hero!
3. Trunks goes next. Who do they hope the bottle spins to?
Well, he probably doesn't care, as long as it's a she.
4. Bianca goes next, and the bottle lands on Aura. Does anyone throw a hissy fit?
Spirit probably would, seeing as he's just waiti
:iconanimelover1030:animelover1030 0 3
Libera me... by animelover1030 Libera me... :iconanimelover1030:animelover1030 1 0 Ukou Hotaru by animelover1030 Ukou Hotaru :iconanimelover1030:animelover1030 1 0 Quick Aura Sketch by animelover1030 Quick Aura Sketch :iconanimelover1030:animelover1030 2 8
Mature content
Tears of War :iconanimelover1030:animelover1030 7 10
Mello x Near oekaki practice by animelover1030 Mello x Near oekaki practice :iconanimelover1030:animelover1030 4 4 Happy CNY- Near by animelover1030 Happy CNY- Near :iconanimelover1030:animelover1030 8 7 Valentines Day: Mello by animelover1030 Valentines Day: Mello :iconanimelover1030:animelover1030 8 17 Harvest Chibi- Gill by animelover1030 Harvest Chibi- Gill :iconanimelover1030:animelover1030 8 58

Random Favourites

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1. You must post these rules.
2. Each person must post 5 things about themselves in their journal.
3. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and create eleven new questions for the people you tag to answer.
4. You have to choose 11 people to tag and post their icons on your journal.
5. Go to their page and tell them you have tagged him/her.
6. No tag backs.
7. No stuff in the tagging section about "you are tagged if you are reading this". You legitimately have to tag 11 people.

1.) I'm a percussionist
2.) I love both anime and American cartoons
3.) I love to cosplay
4.) I play tabletop RPG's such as Deadlands
5.) I like Pokemon and Digimon

01. Favorite color? Why?
It's hard for me to pick one favorite color, but I'd have to go with green. I'm not quite sure why, but I find green to be a lovely color.
02. If you could get any car, what kind? From what company?
Jeep Grand Cherokee.
03. What do you use as inspiration for your characters?
Anything, really. But mostly otherpeople or characters I've seen.
04. What was the last fandom you were in? Why did you leave?
I still like Hetalia, but I've become less associated with it because of the bad part of that fandom...
05. What's your favorite show(s)?
Cartoon? Regular Show. Anime? Soul Eater
06. What catches your interests?
Too many things...
07. What word describes you?
08. What kind of books would you read?
I love fantasy and mystery books, specifically Agatha Christie.
09. Console games or computers?
I can't pick between them! D:
10. If you can own any animal, what would it be and what would you name it?
I'm not sure what kind of animal...but he'd been name Leonitus.

s Q`s for YOU!:
1) What is your favorite movie?
Oh goodness....I have way too many favorite movies, you guys...
2) Favorite song?
I CAN'T PICK ONE FAVORITE. At the time, probably something by Queen...
3) Interests?
They're already listed down by my I.D. I'd rather not list them again.
4) Favorite Band/Artist?
5) What annoys you?
People who kick my chair, stereotypical percussionists, flirts
6) Favorite Anime?
Soul Eater
7) Any OC's(Original Characters)?
I have a lot of OC's, but my most current is Rampha Sonaru
8) Favorite Game Console?
I play so many different video games I can't pick one.
9) Eye color?
Chocolate brown
10) 1 word that describes you is:
See above question
11) Favorite Sport?

Mah questions!
1) Favorite Pokemon?
2) Favorite food?
Anything delicious
3) Favorite drink?
Milk and Dr. Pepper
4) Brothers or sisters?
1 Bro
5) Do you have a boy/girlfriend?
This is not the topic I'm in the mood for right now
6) What do you wan to be when you grow up?
Voice or Stage actress and a musician.
7) What makes you the happiest?
Making music. <3
8) What makes you saddest?
9) Who is your least favorite character ever?
I have no idea...:I
10) Who is your favorite vocaloid?
Luka and Gumi

's Questions
1) Have you ever kissed someone?(Not your family)
2) Do you have a/an Ipod, Iphone, Ipad, etc.?
I have an MP3 player...but not anything Apple
3) Is life good or bad for you?
Pretty good. C:
4) Do you have a job? If so, what is it?
Not yet. :P
5) How successful do you expect to be in life?
I'm not sure yet.....
6) Favorite AMERICAN cartoon?
Regular Show
7) Favorite AMERICAN cartoon character?
I have a huge Voice-Crush on Benson
8) What is your opinion on art?
Art is to express emotions, opinions, beliefs, and passions.
9) What is your opinion on anime?
Pretty enjoyable....I love it. XD
10) Do you like school?
Actually, yes.
11) Do you like your friends?
NOPE. I HATE ALL OF MY FRIENDS. Juuuust kidding. :3c

:iconphantomhivevillage: Questions
1)Who is your most favorite anime character?
My favorite anime character? Oh goodness...I really don't have one favorite...
2)In your opinion, who is the hottest anime character?
Uhm.....I have no idea. :T
3)Do you have any pets?
Our Rott-Husky, Naru. C:
4)Have you ever had dreams with your fav character in it?
5)What is your favorite ice cream flavor?
6)have you ever had foriegn chocolate?
Me gusta
7)Have you ever had foreign ham/bacon?
I do not like ham. :<
8)Least favorite color?
I don't really have a least favorite...
9)What anime or show do you not like or think is boring?
10)have you ever been asked to a dance before?
I've asked to a dance...but I've never been asked.
11)Ever been to a con?
4 years and counting. Anime Central. <3

Marf's questions:
1. What's your favorite medium of art?
2. Do you have any favorite comics or webcomics?
3. Do you play any tabletop RPG's?
4. Can you play/Do you want to learn to play any instruments?
5. What color is your shirt right now?
6. What's your favorite scent?
7.  Any phobias?
8. Any cosplays you'd love to do someday?
9. Ever been in love?
10. What is one of the best feelings to you?
11. What's the weirdest dream you've ever had?

Tags: :icontayness-x: :icondogo987: :iconviddavictor: :iconsasori-fan100: :iconunknownsoul860:
That's about all I got. Haters gon' Hate
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Hello, deviantart! My (real) name is Emily, but I have a ton of nicknames, most of which I can't remember. (Emaree will be just fine!)
Well, I'm a huge anime fan (as you can tell....) and I want a career as a voice actress.
I'm not exactly sure what to type, but if you have any questions, feel free to ask, I won't eat you. :D

Cosplay plans for ACEN 2013!
Chie Satonaka (Persona 4): 0%

Current Residence: In my own imagination
Favourite genre of music: EVERYTHING
Favourite style of art: Anime
Operating System: Vista.
MP3 player of choice: ANYTHING NOT BROKEN
Wallpaper of choice: Whatever suits my mood.
Personal Quote: How exciting!


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